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Biz Op

Biz Op or Retail Program Options     *    Low Start Up and Overhead     *     Exclusive Territories

                           Founders: Leanne Mumm Pardo and Christopher Hughes

Mega Markers

Own a Party Markers rental business.  Party Markers is expanding its reach across the U.S. We are seeking at least one licensee in each major metropolitan market beginning Spring 2012.

Start your own fun, easy, high potential, part-time business. Ideal as an add-on to an existing business, or work from home stay at home moms, teachers, event and party planners. Our concept allows you to work as a Party Markers licensee independently, with a partner or under the umbrella of another complimentary brand. This product is pending patent.

from your home (only a small secure space is needed) or add on to an existing business (retail program).
-You will be
responsible for placing Party Markers in customer yards, store fronts, venues or offices.
-Choose from two
program options to fit your budget and your goals.
-Exclusive territory granted to licensees who purchase
the Complete Business Program option.
-To maintain licensee status and / or exclusivity, licensee must purchase
at least 1-2 (depending on program) new letter styles per year. Initial license agreement is for 2 years and renewable at no additional fee.
-You will benefit from Party Markers national marketing program but are encouraged to engage prospective customers in your own territory.

Compensation (approximate per territory)
3 orders per week at $69.00 per order = $207 per week  /  $828 per month  / 
$9,936 per year
6 orders per week at $69.00 per order = $414 per week  /  $1,656 per month  / 
$19,872 per year
10 orders per week at $69.00 per order = $690 per week  /  $2,760 per month  / 
$33,120 per year

In addition, all Party Markers licensees will receive 20% commission on orders for Custom Markers.

Starter Business Program
Purchase any two or more letter styles
Each letter style has 30 letters which create at least 50 message options

Complete Business Program
You'll get:
-Six letter styles (Magazine, Gerbera Multi, Leopard, Marquee, Sporty and Pink Cookie)
Each letter style has 30 letters which create at least 50 message options
-2 dozen easels, 3 hanging cords and 3 dozen hanging clips
-Exclusive territory granted
-Your location and contact information on our Corporate Web site
-Fully functioning shopping cart and order system included\Benefit from national advertising paid for and executed by the corporate office
-All leads sent directly to licensee's email address

Financing available for a limited time to qualified buyers.

Additional Territories
Expand your reach and increase your earning potential by purchasing additional neighboring territories (no need to purchase additional letter sets)

Mini Markers

Wholesale Retail Program Options    

If you are a retail store, contact markmyday@partymarkers.com for more info.

Party Markers is not a franchise. Earnings are estimated and not guaranteed

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