Go ahead.
Mark your day!
Go ahead...mark my day!

Party Markers greetings help you speak your mind, surprise your loved ones or attract some needed attention.  We make it easy to mark the important events in life with our unique, creative and colorful Party Markers, designed for any occasion and any personality you can imagine.

Rent one of our 6 unique letter styles to spell out one of 50 plus messages. Party Markers can be used indoors or outdoors. Mega Markers are 18 inches by 18 inches and when combined to make a message like "Happy Birthday," you'll make a big impact at more than 20 feet long.

Yard Rentals - Mega Markers
-Give a memorable birthday gift
-Congratulate a friend on a job well done
-Mark a special day in someones life
-Decorate for a party or the holidays
-Draw attention to your store opening
-Stop traffic for your next open house

Table Top Rentals - Mega Markers
-Create a unique centerpiece
-Break through the clutter in your tradeshow booth
-Mark stations at your next auction
-Decorate with one-of-a-kind word art

Hanging Rentals - Mega Markers
-Make a grand entrance
-Create an eye-grabbing focal-point
-Give the element of surprise
-Enhance your event space

Mini Markers
Purchase mini markers which can be personalized with your own photos and artwork

Custom-Order personalized initials, names, words and phrases
-Launch a dynamic promotional campaign
-Announce your next big product or grand opening
-Brand your corporate event
-Create unique home and holiday decor

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